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Our expertise

At Apical, we believe that technology has an enormously powerful transformative power especially when a business need or gap is fixed with the correct technical solution.

Over the years, we have delivered multiple solutions across a wide range of industries. We have an exceptionally strong expertise and focus in the automotive sector. Our solutions not only encompass a complete end-to-end solution for the manufacturers and all their ancillary service providers, but they are flexible enough to be used as separate modules to suit multiple businesses and their individual divisions/departments.

We are committed to providing solutions that add true value and exceed our clients’ quality expectations. Our products/solutions can be broadly classified in the below mentioned categories

Products Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reporting
Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reporting

Our dashboards are business-specific, customizable, actionable and assist our customers in improving efficiency and productivity. Our reports also provide historical data-maps, profitability forecasting and multiple other utility reports.

Bespoke Development Production Lifecycle
Production Lifecycle

Comprehensive and modular systems to manage a complete and end-to-end tracking solution from raw materials to finished products including inventory management, vendor grading, stock optimization and efficiency and profitability analysis.

Consulting Dealer and Workshop Management
Dealer and Workshop Management

At the heart of every successful dealership lies the critical management of the logistics, processes and services. Our fully integrated digital solutions ensure that the end customer is always at the epicentre of all our products.

Products Fleet Management
Fleet Management

An intuitive, actionable and 100% digital solution to provide ease of managing fleets efficiently, controlling costs and overall improving efficiency of the business operations, ensuring driver accountability, vehicle compliance and health, maintenance schedules, and more.

Bespoke Development Purchase and Inventory Management
Purchase and Inventory Management

Our digital products work with existing systems or as stand-alone modules. All core business functions are pre-built and an integral part of our solutions. Our product ensures suppliers, POs, stocks, deliveries are all in-sync and auditable.

Consulting Customer Portals and Corporate CRM
Customer Portals and Corporate CRM

Our customer portals allow our customers and their clients to communicate and exchange data and information through secure channels. Our corporate CRM drives efficiency and productivity and functions as a self-serve as well as on-demand information exchange.